Majestic Tetons

The weather wasn’t particularly conducive to photography, but it was great for hiking around these gigantic, sawtooth Teton mountains.  A few shots of what we did today…

Tetons and Jackson Lake

The majestic Teton range and Jackson Lake

Wildflowers in the Tetons

Still lots of wildflowers blooming in the valleys below the peaks

Creek to Phelps Lake, Tetons

Rushing creeks and lush green vegetation along the hiking path

Indian Paintbrush

Indian paintbrush was particularly bright along the creek

Columbine at Ohelps Lake, Tetons

This area was once part of the estate of Laurence Rockefeller, and we surmise that the family adorned the trail with a few colorful varieties of Columbine, which have flourished and spread.

4 thoughts on “Majestic Tetons

    • Those Columbine (horticultural varieties) were probably planted by the Rockefeller family when they held this land as their family vacation home. Since then they have gone wild and spread up and down the trail around the lake.

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