from the very wet to the very dry

We’re back in California, the land of almost no rain, where some areas report annual precipitation down 90%.  Somehow these hardy plants here manage to flower and set seed, so at least the wildlife have some resources waiting for them.

campbell creek trail-

Early morning fog doesn’t provide much moisture to these plants. They have to rely on drawing what little there is in reserve deep in this rock-hard, dry soil.

campbell creek trail-wild buckwheat in flower

The wild buckwheat has a profusion of blooms which attract dozens of honeybees.

campbell creek trail-honeybee working wild buckwheat

The honeybees flit rapidly from flower clump to flower clump. I suspect with so little moisture, each flower produces very little nectar. This bee is carrying yellow pollen, not the pinkish variety on this plant.

campbell creek trail-scotch broom seed pods

Scotch Broom, an introduced Mediterranean plant, has flowered, set seed, and is in the process of losing its leaves, well before real summer heat and aridity has set in.

campbell creek trail-California Buckeye in flower

California Buckeye has plenty of flowers, but the leaves are already browning up and dropping. This usually doesn’t happen until mid-summer.

campbell creek trail-flowers

This might be a member of the four o’clock family. It’s profusion of bright flowers make it seem like water is no big problem.

campbell creek trail flowers

They certainly brighten up the trail along the creek.

campbell creek trail-flowers

Only a few white flowers open at time, leaving the purple colored sepals behind after the flowers drop.

campbell creek trail-mourning dove

A Mourning Dove sitting on a bare branch of a redbud tree that must be so water stressed, it has lost a lot of its leaves.

Another dry spell in water-stressed California, but the plants and wildlife here are tough and resilient.  They’ll most likely find ways to survive until the rains return next winter.

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