babe in the woods

I almost missed this — dallying around in the kitchen with my coffee early in the morning while Bambi here was tracking its mother across my backyard into the neighbors’.  It took a few moments to find my camera and get the telephoto mounted on it, but here’s the last of this encounter.

White-tailed fawn

The fawn was reluctant to enter the raspberry tangle and venture down the semi-steep hill into the neighbor’s yard — giving a last look at my wildflower garden where potential treats await this babe.

White-tailed fawn

Reluctantly, the fawn started down the hill. The doe was at the bottom of the hill, completely hidden by the trunk of the large walnut on the right of the photo.

White-tailed doe waiting for her fawn-

I moved to a different window to get a glimpse of the doe as she turned to watch the fawn coming down the hill. It’s so interesting to think how much her behavior will have changed in the past week, to become the watchful, nurturing mother she is now.  Ah….hormones.

White-tailed doe waiting for her fawn-

I can’t see the fawn, but it must have gotten to the bottom of the hill, because the doe suddenly started walking quickly away, across the neighbor’s backyard lawn.

White-tailed doe and her fawn

The fawn awkwardly galloped across the lawn, and I knew the light was too dim to capture that action, but there is a hint of the blur of the fawn’s legs as it runs toward the doe and they both get lost in the vegetation of the next hillside.

Mid-May is the time we see new fawns in the backyard, and I’m glad I didn’t miss this one.  Usually the does have twins, but only if they managed to get enough nutrition during the fall and winter to carry both to term.  It wasn’t a particularly hard winter here, but this might have been an older doe, or an animal that had less access to good forage.

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