the flyover

Where are the warblers that should have arrived here in early May?  I think they flew right over Minnesota this year, in a hurry to get up north and set up housekeeping to raise the next brood of chicks.  Even the few Yellow-rumped Warblers that roamed the lakeside woods for a few days have moved on.  Better luck next year.

But in keeping with the “flyover” theme, I was treated to many flyovers by the local osprey at the marsh today.  First one member of the pair and then its mate circled over head while I fired off the camera shutter.


This may well be the most photographed bird in my collection. I have gone back to the marsh several times to check on whether there are chicks in the nest yet.


Those are some amazing long wings — all the better to glide around in circles watching me.


Part of this circling act may have been hunting, but there were too many trees in the way for me to see whether they actually were diving for fish.


Feet lowered to go after some fish?


It’s amazing how agile they are in flight, changing directions quickly and abruptly.

osprey at the nest

At one point, the presumed female gave up incubating for some exercise.  She took off, flew around the nest a couple of times, doing a few swoops and dives, and then settled right back on her eggs.  The incubation period is 36-42 days, so she will be sitting here for some time still.

7 thoughts on “the flyover

    • Thanks, Mike. They were circling right over my head, so I just had to do back bends to get them in focus. Not so limber any more though.

  1. We have an osprey who hunts the beach dunes next to our condo and regularly flies by our balcony with a mouse dangling…

    • Did you get photos with your smart phones? That’s all my daughter the photographer uses these days — no fancy camera for her anymore. I am curious about the mouse, though — I thought they were fish eaters. 🙂

  2. Hello Sue. I love your photos. I was wondering about warblers too. Apart from the ones I saw last weekend I have seen only the yellow rumped and redstarts (are they warblers?) . Could they really have passed us by? Lynn G Hartshorn ________________________________

    • I’m afraid so. Remember that week of warm weather we had (70s), followed by this really cold stuff? I think that’s when they skipped over us. Some years we score, and some we don’t.

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