think spring…

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, when our drab winter world of white, gray, and tan springs to life and finally gets some color again.

falls creek SNA, MN

Spring…when plants literally spring up from rocks

hepatica-falls creek SNA-

Not Hepatica, but Bloodroot — see below.

NOTE added:  The plant identified as hepatica is actually bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis.) It’s flowers are much larger than hepatica flowers and each bloodroot flower grows singly rather than in a multi stemmed clump like hepatica. There is an excellent article about hepatica here:

Thanks New Hampshire Gardener and former neighbor Chris Kraft for correcting my error!

song sparrow

A song sparrow singing his heart out

white throated sparrow-

White-throated Sparrows sing “poor sam peabody, peabody, peabody”

american robin

I think this is the bird that wakes us up every morning about 5 a.m.

9 thoughts on “think spring…

  1. Ditto what Mike said! The Hepatica is a beautiful flower. My son is slowly teaching me more about the flora as I teach him about the birds. It’s a good trade-off, not to mention the fact that we get some quality time together out in the woods.

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