Spring buds

The trees and bushes are breaking bud now, even though we haven’t had any rain lately. But a string of sunny, warm days has transformed the backyard, giving it a spring look.  There are even a few wildflowers budding out.  A few days ago, Mr. Big Buck wandered into the backyard to get a few nibbles of new leaves from the wild raspberry vines and showed off his budding antlers.

buck with new antlers growth

Stubs of the next spurt of antler growth are budding from his skull.  All that loose skin hanging down from his neck makes it seem that he’s lost a lot of muscle mass over the winter.

buck with new antlers growth

He’ll have to consume a lot of that green stuff to develop back into that studly buck I saw last fall. He is noticeably taller than a doe, but is lacking in girth in the neck and chest compared to the big bucks I saw in the backyard last fall.

buck with new antlers growth

Quite handsome, even without his big muscles.

4 thoughts on “Spring buds

  1. Such beautiful photos of this wonderful animal. Are these small stubs of antlers replacing previous ones? Or is this just a very young buck who is starting to grow antlers? I also wondered, what is the reddish hair on his face?

  2. Yes, I would like to purchase tickets to sit in your backyard and study animals with you. Where can I get a few? I love your articles and adventures, Sue.

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