Happy Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, I embraced the cold air and warm sunshine, and tried to commune with nature by taking a long walk in the woods.  I saw Brown Creepers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and Black-capped Chickadees, none of which I photographed because I have lost my quick trigger finger for fast-moving birds.  So I took photos of these slower-moving turkeys instead.

pair of tom turkeys

the bachelors, happy to hang out together while looking for good things to eat — and perhaps a female or two…

pair of tom turkeys

Unlike most wild turkeys that run from me when I see them in my backyard, these big Toms nonchalantly strolled through the woods foraging.

wild turkey male-

And they were happy to pose and to gobble every now and then.  They really are very beautiful birds in the sunlight — if you just ignore the teeny weeny bare head and those red lumps of flesh dangling from the neck.

wild turkey male displaying-

Same male as above — he’s just making sure I noticed him.

wild turkey male

They are more uncomfortable out in the open in the grassland, and both made a beeline for the woods on the other side of this field.

No wonder Benjamin Franklin wanted to make them our national bird.

13 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

    • I don’t think it’s the camera here — I’ve been using the same camera and lenses for three years, but only recently have the photos gotten better because I’ve learned how to post-process them in Lightroom 5. I used my Canon 3Ti and the Canon 100-400 zoom lens for these shots.

  1. I was out on a regional park in the cities this morning when I came upon five huge turkeys. The male did his full feather dance as well. I’m not much of a photographer, but it was such a pleasure to see them. A friend said they were spotted on the U of M Minneapolis campus today as well!

    • They have become quite the urban bird — I often see the females in the backyard, mostly under the bird feeders. The males are displaying quite a bit now, and its fun to watch them strut around while the females ignore them.

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