Flowers, flowers, everywhere

I love this idea of short-circuiting end of winter by coming to a place where spring is in full swing.  The backyards (and front yards) here are full of flowers:  roses, irises, bougainvillea, poppies, and more.  Here’s a small sampling of what I am seeing.

California poppies along the trail

California poppies cover dry, rocky hillsides. It’s amazing how they can flourish where there seems to be so little soil.

Cymbidium orchids

Orchids my dad originally started growing more than 40 years ago. He gave some plants to my mother-in-law many years ago, and she has kept them going.

rose garden

The neighbors have an amazing rose garden in full bloom. The first bloom of the spring always seems to be the strongest and most colorful.

I have been encouraged to experiment more and “play” with the images using the photo editing software.  The image below is the result of my attempt to get more artistic in my photo editing.

Orchid art

I selected just one bloom from the spray, modified the color and texture of the petals a bit, selectively enhanced and sharpened just the red and white accents, while softening the other petals, and then applied a neutral background.  I like the way it resembles a painting more than a photograph.

4 thoughts on “Flowers, flowers, everywhere

  1. I agree that you modified bloom looks more like a painting instead of a photograph. When I looked at it I was thinking how with a little animation it could be a carnivorous plant. The red on the bottom looks like a tongue and you can easily imagine how the inside could snap shut on its prey.

  2. I love the effect you created here. I didn’t initially think of it as more like a painting than a photo. But it did strike me right away how sharp and clear the image is – maybe like a very fine drawing…..beautiful!

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