Winter wonderland — again!

I thought Spring was on its way, but Old Man Winter isn’t through with us, it seems.

White-tailed deer herd foraging after a snowstorm

The deer herd cruised through the backyard looking for anything halfway edible still remaining this late in the year.

White-tailed buck

This big buck still had his antlers last week when he wandered through. Another smaller buck with him had already dropped his.

white-tailed doe

The remnants of conehead flowers in the wildflower garden are not very tasty, I guess. Perhaps the birds have gotten all the seeds out anyway.

backyard snow

This kind of scenery is a lot prettier in November than it is in March.

Time to move on…Winter!

3 thoughts on “Winter wonderland — again!

  1. Remember, if looked closely at and with honor, nature teaches us. Many in the US New England states are grumpy but why?

    Personally, I have started to recycle more in order to change what I consider garbage. One of the messages I hear from nature is for humans to stop and look closely. Become more acutely aware of what we are doing to the land and water systems.

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