Owl family update

It was morning nap time at the owl nest today.

Great Horned Owl female

Mom sat in one tree about 50 feet from the nest box, miraculously free of branchlets across her body, eyes completely closed and unperturbed.

Great Horned Owl male

Dad sat in another tree a little further away, closer to the trunk as he usually does, also completely unperturbed by photographers snapping photos of him.  

Great Horned Owl chicks

Two nestlings pressed tightly together in one corner of their nest box with their eyes closed, also completely unaware of how many people were staring at them from below.  They look more and more like Ewoks with their fuzzy, downy plumage.

Great Horned Owl chicks

Momentarily wide-eyed to check us out, but then they went right back to their nap.  The best guess is that they are about 6-8 weeks old now, and might be leaving this cozy nest box soon.

7 thoughts on “Owl family update

  1. Hi Sue, We had owls nesting in Hansen Park in New Brighton for a few years, until a few years ago.  Is this somewhere in Roseville? Mind sharing the location? I’d like to take my kids to see them.  Great pix, by the way! What sort of camera do you use? I have a new Sony SLR with a 16-300mm lens that I’m embarrassed to tell anyone how much I paid for. I couldn’t put up with my $200 Canon instamatic (not really, but that’s what it feels like) any longer!  *********************** Ed Davies  

    • Ed, these are the owls on pretty much public display in Silverwood Park in new Brighton (that’s on Silver Lake Rd and County E). I have a Canon Rebel 3Ti and am using the Canon 100-400 lens on a tripod. The light was very dull today and so the owls were not their usual colorful selves. I am now learning some excellent post-processing tips through involvement with The Arcanum (see a previous post for info about this — https://bybio.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/help-me-pick-the-winners/ ), and as a result I feel like I am getting more out of the images I take, even on dull days.

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