Cranes at sunset

It took us all day to get to Grand Island, Nebraska, but there was a very rewarding sunset at the end of it.  We traveled here expressly to see the Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese that use this area of the Platte River as a staging area prior to their migration to their breeding grounds in northern North America.

Sandhill cranes at sunset

Sandhill cranes at sunset

This is the actual color — I didn’t intensify these images in Photoshop.

Sandhill cranes at sunset

Long lines of Sandhill Cranes were flying everywhere over the river on their way from feeding grounds near the river to a comfy sandbar for the night.

Sandhill cranes at sunset

The sky was filled with hundreds of birds, but this is early in the migration. Local residents said next week will be the peak of migration when there are tens of thousands of birds on the river.

6 thoughts on “Cranes at sunset

  1. Sue – These are lovely – and it’s cool to know some may be coming here to Creek Ranch. We essentially always have at least one breeding pair and see them often – and then there are three. Your trip was well worth it, and as always, your blogs are great. Terry ​

    • Thanks, Terry. How great to have your very own pair of Cranes nearby. Yes, this was an amazing place, and the trip was so worthwhile, even though a long drive.

    • Thanks, Kathy. Tip of the iceberg on number of photos shot. I just couldn’t help clicking that shutter over and over — there was so much beauty there.

  2. Amazingly beautiful photos; these and all the others on your lovely site. Thank you for posting them for us to see 🙂

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