Making the rounds

Usually each morning when I come out to the sun porch with my coffee, I see the red fox come creeping up to edge of the yard checking out the activity under the bird feeder. In fact, it comes up to exactly the same spot each time, and I can tell that is the case, because the fox seems to prefer to creep under a particular raspberry vine.

This was the scene on February 27 when I saw the fox successfully hunt down an errant squirrel and carry it off up the hill.

This was the scene on February 27 (“the hunt”)when I saw the fox successfully hunt down an errant squirrel and carry it off up the hill.  See the vine arcing over its head?

red fox

And this was the scene this morning — but the squirrels were absent.  Same raspberry vine arcing over its head though.

Well, you can’t argue with success, and apparently this fox remembers exactly where it spotted the last delicious meal from this backyard and is hopeful that it can cash in on another.  Interestingly, the squirrels no longer make an early morning appearance under the bird feeders these days.  They are more likely to show up at noon, when the fox is elsewhere on its circuit.  And there are noticeably fewer squirrels in the backyard these days, so I think the foxes are having a desirable impact on them.

Now, I just have to find their den and take some photos of the fox kits which I’m sure the foxy hunters are busy feeding now with squirrels.

8 thoughts on “Making the rounds

  1. We’ve got foxes that now go through our yard regularly and we live smack dab in the middle of a Twin Cities suburb. I have mixed feelings – they’re so beautiful, but we like the bunnies too and they got a couple of them. It’s like seeing a National Geographic special out of our back window.

    • Yes, indeed, isn’t that fun! Personally I wouldn’t miss the bunnies because they do a number on my wildflowers in the spring and summer, but I understand the attraction to the cute, fuzzy critters, too.

      • I’ve seen hawks take chipmunks and now the foxes with rabbits. I know it’s the natural order of things, but still tough to witness. I’ve been hearing great horned owls in the wee hours of the morning, too. I imagine the furry critters are getting quite the culling.

  2. What a treat for you to see this fox right outside your house. So interesting to know that the squirrels may have changed their habits to avoid the plight of their friend who met his demise that morning! 😉 Hope you find the fox kits!

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