The fox and the dog

Remember that line we all practiced when first learning to type — “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”?  Well, in my neighbor’s backyard, the quick red fox doesn’t come near the dog but is surprisingly brave when the dog is around.

I was quite surprised to see the red fox taking a nap in broad daylight the other day, but the sun was brightly shining, the snow had melted on the hillside, and the breeze was practically non-existent.  So, a perfect warm afternoon for a snooze.

red fox napping in the sun on a winter day

Periodically, I scan this hillside to see if the fox is moving around up there, but this posture really surprised me.


Then, out with a loud “woof” bounds Riley for her afternoon romp in the remaining snow banks.

The quick response of the fox was to dash into the underbrush.

red fox-hiding from a dog

Can that dog see me here? 

red fox-

Moving off while watching where the dog is going. Amazingly, the dog never smelled or saw the fox but it stayed quite still while watching every move the dog made.

red fox-taking a nap

Riley decided to snooze on a bare patch of ground near her back door, so the fox climbed up the hill, found a warm spot at the base of a tree and continued its nap. Amazing tolerance of the dog’s presence.  You can just barely see it curled up with its muzzle between its paws.

2 thoughts on “The fox and the dog

  1. That’s amazing, Sue. I would never have imagined that the two creatures would be able to tolerate the presence of the other without feeling threatened. I especially like the shot of the napping fox and am happy to see there is some bare ground now in Minnesota.

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