Swans in the mist

It has been clear and bitterly cold this week, but the Mississippi River is completely open in Monticello, Minnesota where hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Trumpeter Swans overwinter. The cold dry air was sucking up moisture from the river creating dense fog at the water level.  Swan heads were just barely visible through the mist.

trumpeter swans in a foggy mist over the Mississippi River

trumpeter swans in the mist

trumpeter swans at monticello minnesota

Courting pairs were evident everywhere, doing their head bob and parallel swims.


trumpeter swans flying

Young birds (like the lead bird in this photo) are still hanging around the adults — or perhaps they are getting chased off so the adults can concentrate on bringing up the next batch of chicks.

4 thoughts on “Swans in the mist

  1. So pretty to see them floating on the river. Not too many swans around here. Plus, it has been so cold this month I haven’t been motivated to go out and look or take photos. On an unrelated note (no pun intended), I finally heard a cardinal singing in my backyard… apparently cold doesn’t discourage him.

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