Birds and branches

There are a lot of little birds flitting through the dormant fruit trees in the California backyard. Even though the trees are bare of leaves at this time of year, the birds find ways to hide behind numerous buds and branches, teasing me to try to photograph them.

Anna Hummingbird

A little Anna Hummingbird screeched his tinny song, displaying some attitude with its erected crest feathers.


Meanwhile an equally tiny Bushtit (pint-sized relative of chickadees) whistled a few high notes to get its buddies to come on over.  I’ve never seen a bird show the “whites of its eyes” before.

scrub jay

Even the much larger Scrub Jay hid behind branches while squawking at me.

It seems they all know I’m a visitor here, and are shy about posing for photos.

6 thoughts on “Birds and branches

  1. What a wonderful blog to have discovered, thank you, Sue! I am interested in your permission to use some of the photos from your “macro shots” blog of December 2014, in a talk I’m doing on pollinators in Chicago. If only my own photos were so lovely….

  2. lovely pix! That’s the nice thing about winter…I can actually see the birds flitting about in my trees 🙂 (p.s. I think that Anna’s up on top is a female–no gorgeous gorget 🙂

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