Results of the photo contest

The response to my request for your help was amazing!  Thank you all for participating in this first survey of my photographic efforts.  I really appreciate your thoughtful inputs and ratings.  It was very helpful to get comments on the “artistic magic” from some of you as well.

It’s not surprising that folks who read nature blogs might vote for cute animals — and the clear winner, in first place, of this survey was the Red Fox family which received 17 votes.  In second place with 11 votes was the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, and in third place with 9 votes was the Bee-eater.  The Pine Marten got 7 votes and came in ahead of the swan or any of the landscapes.  The two highest rated landscapes were the farm and the scene of the prairie dawn (which are definitely two of my favorites as well.

I have some work to do to further “clean up” the photos that I want to submit for critique.  In case you are interested in the process — other members of my cohort under Master Photographer Les Imgrund have suggested that I get rid of the twiggy sticks in front of the fox, that I tone down the red in the cardinal flower and the white patch in the hummingbird’s throat, and change some of the cropping and sky color tones in the landscapes.  So with your recommendations and theirs in mind, I’ll make my final selections and submit them for critique soon.

However, I am traveling in California for a couple of weeks, so it might take me a while to get back to the photo editing.

For now, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite zebra shots from our trip to Botswana this fall. (Click on the image to get a full screen shot)

zebra stallion with mares

A zebra stallion (right) with two of his mares.  I miss this place, and these animals. 

5 thoughts on “Results of the photo contest

    • Monica, you certainly may use the photo. I can send you a higher resolution copy if you would like it. I would appreciate you acknowledging me by just putting my name at the bottom of your slide, with the URL of the blog (, if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks so much for your comments!

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