Frosty morning

The sun was shining brightly for once and there wasn’t any wind, so I thought it might not be too cold to go for a walk at the local reservoir (temperature was a brisk -12F) to see if I could find the swans that sometimes hang out there.  As I peered over the bridge to look down the outlet of Sucker Lake, I could see “steam” rising over the creek and swans swimming in the distance.


trumpeter swans

“Steam” on a frigid day comes from open water evaporating into the far colder air above the surface. On this day there was a 40 degree difference between water and air temperature.

trumpeter swans

A pair of Trumpeter Swans immediately made their way over to me, expecting to be fed I suppose.  The local residents take quite an interest in these swans and bring stale bread and corn flakes to feed them.

trumpeter swans and mallard ducks

I had nothing to offer them, so they moved on.

trumpeter swans

Only the water in the lake outlet is open, and I could see there was very little vegetation to dredge up from the bottom. So, I’m not sure what these birds have to eat here, other than the hand-outs from humans.

Food may, in fact, be limited here, because there are far fewer swans and ducks than I have seen here in previous years.

swans-at-sucker lake creek

The same scene this time two years ago.

trumpeter-swans at sucker lake outlet

A more typical winter scene where Sucker Lake empties into the creek.  taken January 2013.

5 thoughts on “Frosty morning

    • I think I was being a little facetious there. Canadians would probably not think -12F was cold, though. I certainly do, and it takes a lot of motivation to get me out the door in this kind of weather.

  1. Such beautiful photos of the Trumpeter’s!! Certainly a great motivator to get outside 🙂 . I live near a large lake in northern NY where we are lucky enough to have Tundra Swans every year. I absolutely love to go and watch them. The lake is totally frozen now, so they are gone. I always look forward to their return during migration in the spring. They don’t stay for long then, but I’m always happy that they have a safe refuge so close to me.

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