Lynx kittens

We took the grandkids to the Minnesota Zoo and discovered that there was a litter of mostly grown Canada Lynx kittens hanging out with their mom in one encloure.  I can’t believe I actually forgot to take a camera, but fortunately others had smart phones to capture their cuteness.

MN zoo-lynx kittens

lynx kittens at the Minnesota Zoo

It looks like mom raised four healthy kittens.

MN zoo-lynx kittens

I didn’t realize that Lynx and Bobcat overlap very little in their geographic ranges, with Lynx distributed mostly in coniferous forest in Canada, and Bobcat south of the border in montane, desert, and grasslands of the U.S. If you were hiking in borderland areas, you might wonder which animal you were seeing, but here’s a short refresher course on the differences between the two.

5 thoughts on “Lynx kittens

  1. I hang around a lot along the Idaho/Montana border and see lynx tracks in the winter snow and summer mud at the edge of a couple lakes, but so far haven’t caught a good look at the animals themselves. Some day!

  2. Cute cats and useful info if I am ever in the area where you can find these animals. Actually, if I am close enough to see the differences, I probably will have gotten way too close!

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