Fly away before you freeze

Single digit low temperatures overnight for the past couple of nights mean that the lakes are starting to freeze up, so the ducks and geese have moved to the open water on the rivers.

canada geese on the mississippi river

If the polar vortex hovers over us like it did last year, this open water on the Mississippi River will freeze over soon as well.

canada geese flying

But some geese will leave here soon to fine some warmer weather to the south.

bird migration in V formation

Sounds like a good idea to me!

10 thoughts on “Fly away before you freeze

  1. Excellent advice! Even Chicago isn’t safe if the polar vortex sets in. I’ve been watching the smart geese doing a flyby and heading farther south… and have seen quite a few oblivious ones still sitting around on the grass in golf courses and cemeteries.

    • Yes, same here. I, too, am hoping that won’t be the case this winter, but they are already warning of a return of the polar vortex. So…get out those warm woolies.

    • It’s strange that the birds get frantic in their feeding well before the bad weather, and then disappear for a day or two when the first bad weather arrives. I know they have sensory capabilities (for barometric pressure, for example) that we don’t have, so perhaps that’s the reason for this unexplained behavior.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I just sent you an email regarding permission to use the last photo on this post. I’ll copy the email here.

    Dear Prof. Chaplin,

    My name is Andres Rivero and I am a PhD Student at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom). I am an aerospace engineer and my work is on adaptive airplane wings (known as morphing wings).

    I am participating in a competition called Three-Minute-Thesis (3MT), where we are given 180 seconds to explain our thesis to a general audience. I wanted to start with a photo of birds changing their wings’ shape during flight, which is essentially what my PhD (and researchers in my area) is trying to achieve in airplanes.

    I found this great picture in your blog and I was wondering if I can use it in my presentation (last picture of this post

    Thanks for your time and help,

    Kind regards,

    Andres Rivero

    • Andres, I did answer your email request, but it must not have gotten to you. You may certainly use the image you requested. I would ask that you credit the photo something like, “photo by Sue Chaplin, Thanks for your interest and good luck with your presentation.

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