the day after

The first snow always brings such a contrast of seasons.  I wonder if it is as much of shock to the animals as it is to us.

Two hen turkeys visited the garden the day before the big winter storm, cruising through the drying vegetation looking for any remaining goodies.

turkey hens

turkey hen

They weren’t shy about strolling through the front yard either. Usually, hen turkeys seem less colorful than the toms, but the late afternoon sunlight picked up some green iridescence and bright orange color in her feathers.

But the next day, the landscape looked like this instead.

turkey hens

The two hens came strolling through the backyard just as it was getting dark (4:30 p.m.!), but didn’t spend much time looking for food on this chilly afternoon.

turkey hens

And off they went into the woods to find a roost for the night.

Fall one day, winter the next.

12 thoughts on “the day after

  1. Same here! Well, without the turkeys…suddenly it’s crisp, sunny, windy, and below freezing here in western Washington. Brr. The Japanese maple outside my office window is now stripped bare of leaves…but the loss of that beauty has revealed the fun of seeing kinglets, bushtits, and chickadees gleaning the branches.

    • I agree. I was wondering what they find to eat. My oaks didn’t produce acorns this year, and they didn’t even bother to check out seed under the bird feeder.

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