Fluffed and dried

Muskrats are supposedly active at night, especially near dawn and after sunset, but I found a pair of muskrats swimming around a tree-fall in the middle of the day on the creek outflow from Sucker Lake in St. Paul the other day.  After a few laps around and under the tree-fall, the two proceeded to find appropriate napping places to spend the afternoon hours.  One of the pair snoozed under the log, and the other one, which couldn’t seem to squeeze out enough space under the log, piled into the leaves on top of the log.

muskrats resting under a log

It looks like there really isn’t room for more than one muskrat to rest here.

muskrats resting under a log

Jostling for position, the second muskrat is still not really out of the water.

muskrats resting under a log

It’s really no better this way, either.

muskrat dried off

Up on the log in the leaf litter, the second muskrat gets a chance to dry off and catch a few winks. It seems like they double in size when their fur is dry.

muskrat face

When my hair dries out, I just can’t do anything with it.”

muskrat napping in the leaves

You can just barely see the back of the muskrat (center) buried in leaf litter.  If I hadn’t watched it bury itself in the leaves, I would have walked right past this.

9 thoughts on “Fluffed and dried

  1. I really love these photos, Sue. They are such cute little creatures. I’m very sad that there are still those who kill them for their fur. I hardly see any around here any more.

    • Not enough beavers in your area? Muskrats love beaver ponds. You know I never realized they were cute until I saw them with the fur dry and fluffy. Otherwise they sort of resemble a large sewer rat–not so cute!

  2. I live on a small pond in Central Massachusetts. For quite a few days now I have observed the muskrats swimming and diving during the day. I would usually only see them at dusk or dawn. We also have beaver. Do you know why they like beaver ponds?

    • Muskrats probably like the quiet water you usually find in a beaver pond, and they probably like to eat some of the same things beavers do as well. That would be my guess anyway. Thanks for writing!

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