the missed shot

We spotted a lone immature Bald Eagle eagle sitting on a branch above the Mississippi River, and we slowly inched our way into the leafy vegetation to get a clear shot of the bird.

immature bald eagle

Of course the bird was facing right into the sun, which made a branch-cluttered shot that much more difficult. It looks like the wind was creating a “back-do” for the bird.

immature bald eagle

The bird was very aware of our approach because it kept turning its head from one side to the other.  I photoshopped out a few branches and lightened up the bird image.  Now we can see its marvelous profile, sharp beak, and big feet.

And now…waiting expectantly for this nervous bird to take-off, so I could get the perfect shot of flying eagle amidst the color of the fall leaves…

eagle flying

Aaarrrgghhh! Not the shot I pictured.  But the tail feathers are nicely in focus!

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