More big cats

Our safari guides have the most amazing eyesight.

Leopard in a tree

Not only did they spot the track of the big cat leading up to the tree in the distance, but they spotted the cat up in that tree (arrow).

Tracks of leopard dragging an impala

Cat footprints overlain by the drag marks of the hooves of its prey, in this case an impala.

Leopard snoozing on a branch

With binoculars, I could finally see that there was a leopard zoned out on a branch of the tree.

Leopard resting on a tree branch

Although we were pretty far from this guy, he woke up momentarily to check for potential threats to his morning nap.

Impala cached in a tree by a leopard

After carefully scanning the branch on which the leopard was snoozing, I found the impala carcass the leopard had dragged up the tree. No wonder he needed a nap after all that exertion!  Just the impala head hanging down over the branch is visible.

Leopards are one of the most adaptable species of the large cats.  They live in a variety of habitats in Africa and Asia, and can capture a variety of prey.  Impala are numerous throughout most of the national parks in Southern Africa, and their dehydrated carcasses are often seen hanging from the branches of large trees.  Big heads with strong jaws and neck and shoulder muscles allow these cats to climb large trees with their prey to keep them away from lions, hyenas, and vultures.  But it must be tiring work!

Leopard snoozing on a tree branch


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