On the rocks

Namaqualand flowersTraveling north of Cape Town about 250 miles, we have arrived in Namaqualand, where wild flowers abound in the spring.  It is mountain region interspersed with valleys of lush wild flowers, even though the spring rains have not been particularly plentiful.  The diversity of plants, both annual and perennial is astounding, far greater than what is seen in our southwestern US deserts.

Namaqualand flowers

Along roadsides are great places to see a wide diversity of flowers.

Namaqualand flowers

Rocky outcrops harbor a number of animals as well.  On top of this now was a meerkat sentry.

Meerkat sentry on top of a rocky outcrop in Namaqualand

Black eagle from Namaquaplaned South Africa

A Black Eagle, South Africa’s largest bird of prey sat atop another rocky outcrop.

Rock hyrax, Namaqualand, South Africa

Rock Hyrax, or Dassies as they are known here, also love the rocky outcrops, for protection from those predatory eagles.

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