Robins of another sort

It’s true that you can always find a Robin in a park, but at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, there seemed to be two different ones.

OliveThrush, Cape Town, South Africa

It looks just like an American Robin, and acts like one as well, digging through leafy litter, scratching at the base of plants, and hopping up to peer at you with its head cocked to one side.  This is the Olive Thrush, in the same genus (Turdus) as the American Robin.

Another Robin look-alike is the Cape Robin-Chat. But this cute little guy is related to the old world flycatchers, instead of Thrushes.

Cape Robin-Chat, CapeTown, South Africa

The Robin-Chat hops through litter on the ground, foraging in nooks and crannies at the base of trees and shrubs, acting much like the thrushes do.

Cape Robin-Chat, Cape Town, South Africa

So then…not really two robins here after all.  Just one robin relative and one pretender. 

2 thoughts on “Robins of another sort

  1. Really cool shots, Sue. My mind associates those colors with a robin, so I had no trouble being drawn into your ruse. They are both beautiful birds, even if they are not robins (and I especially enjoyed the final shot).

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