Bumblebees love dahlias

Dahlias might be the most perfect flowers — geometrically speaking.  Their symmetry is exquisite, and so is their vibrant color.

Purple Dahlia just opening

The camera doesn’t really do this flower justice — it was actually a deep purple. Something about those geometrically arranged spiral whorls of petals generates aesthetic appeal.

And the bumblebees really seem to love dahlia pollen — they have immersed themselves in it.

bumblebees and dahlias

One of my favorite dahlias is red with white frosting on the petals — a Mother’s Day present from last year I managed to save over the winter.

bumblebees and dahlias

The golden fuzz of the bumblebee highlighted by the golden glow of the pollen.

bumblebees and dahlias

There is so much pollen available, they don’t even mind sharing the riches of dahlia flowers.

8 thoughts on “Bumblebees love dahlias

  1. I really enjoy looking forward to my Dahlias flowering so that I can watch the bees in them. Over here the bumble bees are the main bees that I see on them but I also get others like the Megalachiles too. Amelia

    • I think this is the first year I have paid attention to the bees on the dahlias. The little green sweat bee seems to love them as much as the bumblebees do.

    • They really are an attractive plant. I have a friend who is very good at overwintering the tubers, and she started 100 dahlias in pots this spring.

    • Thanks, Kathy! It’s hard to imagine a more perfect flower, in color or shape. I have always been a rose lover, but the dahlias are starting to win me over.

    • The colors are so vibrant, and the vegetation is lush, and yes, they seem to require very little care, other than staking up the very tall ones. I have one this year that is well over 6 feet tall, and it’s growing in bright sun!

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