Egrets at sunset

Peering through the leaves of the trees that border the lake up the street from my house, I could see a dozen or so Great Egrets coming into their favorite roosting tree just as the sun was setting.great egret

great egret

great egrets coming into roost at sunset

Landing on a branch too close to another egret caused a bit of commotion.

great egret

Backlit by the setting sun, they almost look pink, instead of white.

great egret preening

Once settled on a particular branch, the birds began to preen their feathers before hunkering down for the night.

I don’t know what egrets think is the perfect roosting tree, but the birds seem to come back to the same couple of trees each summer, where they can usually be found vocalizing and thrashing about in the leaves just at sunset each evening.

8 thoughts on “Egrets at sunset

  1. Wow. That lighting is gorgeous and enhances the beauty of the egrets. I love the orange-pink glow in a number of your shots, Sue. Wonderful job in capturing the egrets in action.

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