Fox hunt

My backyard is overrun with squirrels and chipmunks — probably because there is so much bird seed available.  But that seems to make it an attractive place for the red foxes to hunt for a meal.

Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes

Sometimes I find them sitting on the edge of the garden waiting for some small mammal to move.

Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes, hunting

Sometimes its just a matter of stalking the prey to its hole.

Red fox hunting

A chipmunk dashed into its hole here — a missed opportunity.

Red fox hunting

Sometimes its a mad dash to catch that squirrel before it gets to the safety of a tree.

Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes

Another chase, another miss — better luck next time, Mr. Fox.

11 thoughts on “Fox hunt

  1. Very nice pose Mr. Fox! I find they help keep the bunny population in check.

    Chipmunks are having a banner year in my yard too. They are thriving on bird seed and living under my deck. One of them figured out how to drop out of the tree on to the safflower feeder. And then proceeded to stuff his little face full.

  2. I never thought chipmunks climbed trees, but they have been all over the buckeye tree, from which all the feeders hang, helping themselves to the goodies. I have not seen bunnies this year. We also have a couple of breeding pairs of Great Horned Owls nearby that I’m sure are helping to keep the rodent and rabbit populations in check.

    • They don’t miss too often–I’ve seen the fox with a squirrel in its jaws. I’m just not fast enough with the camera to catch it.

  3. You are lucky to have a fox. I used to see them occasionally in our fields but not for a couple of years or so. I am assuming they moved on as our rabbit population seemed to crash due to myxomatosis. However the rabbits have started to reappear so maybe the foxes will too.

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