Not a day for singing

It’s the last day of winter, but you wouldn’t know that from looking out the windows here in MN where yet another snowstorm has blanketed the vast piles of unmelted snow.  On such a dreary day, there is no singing from the wildlife in the backyard, most of whom seem to have stayed in their roost holes today.

It's hard to feel joyful about spring when you have to keep looking at all this white stuff.

It’s hard to feel joyful about spring when you have to keep looking at all this white stuff.   Mr. Cardinal had no comment this morning.

Juncos never seem depressed about snowfall.

Juncos never seem depressed about snowfall.

Our weatherman posted some winter stats to brighten our day… 53 of the past 93 days experienced temperatures of 0 F or below, and 42 days have registered measurable snowfall.  Well, that cheers me right up.  Bring on the spring!

6 thoughts on “Not a day for singing

  1. I was cranky about the wind, rain and 40F temps this morning but I suppose it could be worse. My cardinal has stopped singing but the robins are making noises although they don’t look too happy about all the snow remaining on their lawns. Yesterday I finally saw some Red-wing Blackbirds so I can officially declare spring’s arrival even if it doesn’t feel like it. This is one winter I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to.

    • Blackbirds! Well, then, you can declare its springtime. The ducks and the horned larks are the only migrants I’ve seen so far. I guess there are a few more robins around than usual, but I can’t imagine what they find to eat here.

    • I think when I first moved to MN in the 80s, winter lasted until May. We have just been spoiled lately with mild winters. This is more what MN winters should be like, and is the reason I don’t much like winter.

  2. I really like your cardinal shot–the snow provides a beautiful backdrop for the colorful bird. It’s been an unusually harsh winter for us too, though nothing compared with a real Minnesota winter. Still, the kids have a lot of days to make up for snow days. I think that some schools have had as many as ten days off. We are finally getting rid of the last of the snow from our most recent storm, which hopefully was the last one.

    • I know winter can’t last forever, but this time of year, we all get anxious to be outdoors. But it is finally warm enough to walk around without freezing, so I look forward to many more outdoor photos shoots in the future.

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