A thump on the window — another collision of bird and man-made structure.  This time it was lady Cardinal, who sat in the tree opposite me for about five minutes recovering.  If birds could be said to express human emotion, this might be her reaction to smacking her head.

Huh?  What just happened?

“I feel woozy…”  She seems to have the eyes glazed-over look.

Stupid window!

“Stupid window!”

"What are you looking at?"

“What are you looking at?”

If only they could talk…

12 thoughts on “Stunned!

    • I think most of the birds hit my porch windows with their chests rather than their heads, because they are launching themselves upward from the tree over the house. Nevertheless, we do lose a couple of them every summer with fatal concussions.

  1. I hate that noise too. We put bigger windows in the master bedroom upstairs to allow more light and downside is the birds sometimes fly into it. Not too often but i hate it when they do. Good thing there is a tree near by for them to recover.

    • Yeah, I wish there was some window covering that would make it look uninviting to them to fly toward the window, but would be completely transparent for my view.

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