Lake Colors

A late spring, a late summer, and now a late fall — the autumn color has finally peaked in the Twin Cities area, and the lakes are surrounded by a painter’s palette.

lake reflection

lake vadnais

canoeing on the lake

canoeing on the lake

13 thoughts on “Lake Colors

  1. So beautiful, I’m yearning for some open spaces. I’m languishing in suburbia in Surrey – lots of trees but few really open spaces. Not complaining as I have my beautiful new granddaughter to cuddle.

    • I can empathize exactly–I feel the same when I visit my relatives in Los Angeles and the Bay Area of Northern California. I have always fantasized about how wonderful it would be to live in the country, but actually the suburbs of the twin cities in Minnesota suffice quite nicely with all of their open spaces and lakes.

    • Yes, things are moving slowly here, quite unusual not to have snow and sleet by the 1st of November. That is just fine with this California native who will probably never get used to long cold winters in the far north!

    • Thanks, Leslie. Leaves are still on the trees here, despite a few storms, and most recently some snow that has dampened their color but not loosened them from the branches.

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