Bluebirds by the dozen

On a recent sunny day, a flock of Eastern Bluebirds chased each other in and out of what I presume were roosting holes in a dead tree. At times they behaved like woodpeckers, scaling the snag vertically, but there were obviously no hidden insects in a snag this old and rotten.  When they tired of this game, they settled down to some intensive foraging, searching the vegetation for the flies and bees that were pollinating the flowers.



Yellow-rumped Warblers (left) seemed to follow the Bluebirds around as they chased insects from high or low perches.  Maybe the warblers caught the insects the Bluebirds missed.


They probed into every nook and cranny looking for hidden prey.  This bird stared at the mushroom on the rotten log for some time, before deciding it had nothing to offer.


When I stood quietly (for many minutes), Bluebirds would come within 15-20 feet and pose for my camera.


A mottled background of drying prairie grasses was the perfect contrast for this bird’s bright blue and russet colors.  I’ll miss these cheerful little birds when they fly south.

4 thoughts on “Bluebirds by the dozen

  1. I love bluebirds and haven’t seen any in quite some time in my area. Your shots are wonderful–it’s fascinating to see them in action as the forage for food. The last shot is spectacular–a gorgeous shot of a really beautiful bird.

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