Dinner for two?

Two juvenile Hooded Mergansers were “fishing” for crayfish in a small creek outlet.

Photo by Debbie Reynolds

Wiggling and thrashing, the crayfish resisted being swallowed whole.  (Photo by Debbie Reynolds)

There is no sharing of this dinner meal.

I think each of the birds managed to snag a big crayfish.  But there is no sharing of this meal, and you have to swallow fast or it will get stolen.

A big meal always makes me sleepy too.

A big meal always makes me sleepy too.

Excuse me

After downing these large crayfish, these two youngsters happily floated down the creek, blithely ignorant of our presence.

Two young mergansers survived to feed another day

Two young mergansers survive to feed another day.

4 thoughts on “Dinner for two?

    • Well, this was sort of lucky, really. One of those “right place at the right time” sort of things. The ducks were habituated to humans walking along the creek trail, had just finished eating, and were floating not 10 feet away. A can’t miss opportunity, and certainly a first for me (for these ducks).

    • Mergansers are fond of fish, but will eat almost anything they find in a lake or stream, including small frogs, insects, and crayfish. Their outer eyelid (nictitating membrane) is clear, effectively functioning like goggles, which is a big advantage in foraging under water.

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