10 thoughts on “Pretty in pink

    • Still in the 60s and rainy or overcast much of the time. Perennials are growing only mm per day. Azaleas still in flower buds in my backyard, but some are in bloom elsewhere.

  1. Hahaha. HERE it is full-bore summer, already! Over 95 degrees yesterday afternoon, and I’m thrilled that today is going to be cooler, predicted to only reach 88! Stunning photos, Sue. We don’t have many of the flowering fruit trees down here, like crabapples, pears, etc. I miss them. Glorious signs of winter’s end. Oh, yeah. We don’t really get much winter here, either. I guess it all works out.

  2. I wish these were a way to follow your blog twice. These pictures make me happppppyyyyy! I love birding but I can barely manage to take pictures of people, much less animals.

  3. Hi! I have been a dilatory follower at best but as it’s a bank holiday here today I have laid down my books and am revelling in the best of blogs. Super shots, both, with delightful clarity. We don’t have grosbeaks here but we do have crossbills, a relative perhaps?

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