Habana Vieja

We spent the morning of our second day in Cuba touring the old city and its lovely colonial architecture. Much of this area is under reconstruction, as the buildings are cleaned and restored and more modern facilities (like Internet cable) are added. Car traffic is very limited; heavy duty trucks are actually more common than cars, and bicycle or horse-powered carts are the most common mode of transportation. Crossing an intersection can be challenging.

The streets are a mix of cobblestone or asphalt, but all are just wide enough for horse cart traffic and pedestrians, not cars or buses (very rarely seen).

At Plaza Vieja, the largest square in the old city, I noticed that the work crews there were composed of young women who were re-setting barriers around the courtyard. I don’t know if this is typical.

The colonial style architecture here resembles that in other Spanish-dominated areas of Latin America. (Below, one of the museums in Plaza Vieja and the Cathedral of Havana)


The park in Plaza de Armas gave us an opportunity to spot a few of the local birds. One of the Red-legged Thrushes hopping around popped out of a bush right next to where I was standing. These birds act a lot like the Robins to which they are related, and we saw and heard them almost everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Habana Vieja

  1. quite an adventure … or stepping into the past … at least there are some signs that things are about to change … I hope they do for the Cubans …

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