Regal Red Fox

fox and kits

red fox 0403

Luck was with me tonight as I sat in the my newly purchased blind in my neighbor’s back yard to watch the evening antics of the fox family. They reappeared right on schedule at 6 p.m. and kept up quite a show for an hour, with the kits scampering up, over, and around the compost pile, and the adult checking on them once in a while. The light was getting dim, but gave the scene a rosy glow. Click on the photos for best viewing.

10 thoughts on “Regal Red Fox

  1. These are amazing shots, Sue. Your patience and persistence have really been rewarded this time. It’s been a captivating saga from the time when you figured out where the den was located. Congratulations. These genuinely look like the kind of shots that should be published somewhere.

  2. Looks like mama fox is really checking out that blind! You can learn so much by such close observation of any species. You’ll be the resident fox expert in your area!

  3. Oh, these two pictures are beautiful! I think your blind is going to turn out to be a great investment. NICE work, Sue!! I love this whole series of foxy pictures.

      • Sounds like you will just have to show us ALL of them! *grin* I’m ready!!! Of all your many wonderful posts, I think this is my favorite. I really love foxes and have never seen a red one in the wild. (I think gray foxes are more common here, maybe). To have this opportunity to study them while they are raising a family is fantastic and I look forward to every post on this “regal family.”

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