Baskin’ Robin

Poor Robins — I think they returned too early.  We’re back to the bitter cold, winter wind chill with more snow accumulation.  The crabapples are mostly eaten, the buckthorn berries are shriveled, there can’t be a lot to eat out there for a fruit- and occasional insect-eating bird.  Brrrr….

cold Robin

I was out for a walk (with snowshoes because the snow is so deep in the backyard) around the pond and spied this Robin basking in the afternoon sun, chirping a friendly greeting. The bird never moved despite my tromping around for a better angle and creeping closer to it.  Gotta’ save energy for the cold night to come.

The sun feels warm, but the wind sweeps away all the heat, so you still feel chilled.  I wonder how these birds make it.

3 thoughts on “Baskin’ Robin

  1. I wonder, too, how they survive brutal cold and snow, but most of them do. Around here, they eat the berries (like chokecherry) that evidently aren’t that appealing since they save them for late March. I just saw robins here the last few days, going after insects in the wet ground.

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