A four-layer day

Wow, it was chilly when I went out to check the spy cam (0 photos, no battery current registering).  But there were some perky little Common Redpolls on the thistle feeders this morning, and I could actually feel the sun’s warmth through my many layers of clothing.  The air is so clear and crisp, it’s like looking through just-cleaned windows (or glasses, for those of you who know what that’s like).

common redpolls

Common Redpolls are very social birds, traveling around in flocks to visit weedy fields and feeders.  But they also are quite aggressive toward one another and keep each other in check, so as not to monopolize the food source.  There were lots of threats, heads and bills extended toward another bird, but no altercations.

common redpolls

Feeding amicably on opposite sides of the feeder

Feeding amicably on opposite sides of the feeder

Males sport a rosy breast as well as the signature red spot on the forehead.

Males sport a rosy breast as well as the signature red spot on the forehead.

6 thoughts on “A four-layer day

  1. Beautiful shots, Sue, of a bird that I have never seen before. It always strikes me as ironic when the birds with “common” in their names are hard to find. As a guy who loves gadgets, I am looking forward to seeing how your spy cam works out. I suspect that it will be hard to get it working in such cold weather. I notice when I am out shooting and it’s below freezing that my battery life is a whole lot shorter and that may be the case for the spy cam.

  2. It’s interesting to watch the pecking order of the various birds at the feeders. Hierarchy plays an important role in every aspect of a bird’s life and it plays out in a dramatic way at the feeders.

    • I agree. This backyard bird watching has been quite educational. Previously, I just looked at a bird to ID it, but this is really more fun, learning more about the way they “work”.

  3. I love those redpolls, Sue. I’ve never seen one, since they aren’t common around here at all…like NONE come here. *sniff* They sure are pretty. Love your beautiful, crisp shots, especially the first one, showing their heads so sharp, and the male, with his rosy breast. I can even see the thistle seed in his mouth. So nice!

    • I was walking back from the spy cam and noticed that the redpolls just kept on feeding while I walked up to them. So this time I was able to get photos from about 20 feet away, compared to shooting through a window from 50-100 feet away. What a difference!

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