Spy cam

I got a new toy in the mail today.

spy point game camera

It’s motion activated up to 50 feet, will take multiple photos at 10 second intervals, and can shoot infra-red illuminated photos at night as well as high resolution color in daytime.  A new way to view the wildlife in the backyard!

Just perfect for these types of scenes.

deer in snow storm

Yes, it’s snowing again, and still cold.

deer in snow storm

It will be interesting to see what the remote camera can capture, especially at night.

13 thoughts on “Spy cam

  1. I, too, am eager to see what you discover. This could be so much fun. It makes me want one, as well. Maybe I’d finally get a picture of our flying squirrels. Have fun with your new toy!

    • Supposedly we have flying squirrels here, but I’ve never seen one. I think I would have to place the camera opposite their hole to capture them on “film”. I placed it yesterday on a deer trail on which I have seen fox tracks. It’s going to take some fussing around to get the height and angle correct for getting photos of smaller sized critters than deer.

  2. You’ve got more guts than me – I put mine up when it was warmer and didn’t have the distance set properly so I got too much background. I’ll give it another go when the weather warms again. Neat idea that I could get pictures at night of flying squirrels – they are supposed to be common, but I’ve never seen one.

    • Hi, Jo Ann. The only way I found out we had flying squirrels in our yard was when a nest of babies blew out of a tree in a storm. They are common in wooded areas and along our streams here in central Florida, but I had no idea they could be found in suburban areas. Being totally nocturnal, they are hard to spot, but wouldn’t photos be great? I’ve heard you can lure them to feeders. A spy cam like Sue’s would be the perfect way to capture them eating from a tray or the like.

    • The idea is sound, but I don’t think the manufacturers counted on sub-zero temperatures that drain battery power. I checked the camera card for photos from yesterday and there was only one, taken at 10:20 p.m., at -17 C, showing a dark fog with a faint glimmer of eyeshine in the center of the photo. I don’t think there is enough juice in the batteries to power the IR illumination. This might be a better idea in a few months when it’s warmer.

  3. What a brilliant new toy! -17 C is pretty severe weather conditions. I never realised the constraints that these low temperatures would bring. I hope the temperatures increase soon so you can get working with it.

  4. I really liked your pictures of the deer at night. I am excited to see more! As a side note, our outdoor remote thermometer doesn’t work so well when the temp is below zero (F), but works great if it is above. Maybe your camera will, too!

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