It’s true — it does have to warm up to snow, at least sometimes it does.  We got a brief respite from the sub-zero weather and received a nice fluffy 4-6 inches that covered up the ugly, crusty gray stuff that remaining from the first mammoth snowfall months ago.  And now the backyard is white — so white that the photos look like I’m shooting in black-and-white mode instead of color.

Here’s what the woods at Snail Lake Park looked like today with a frosting of snow that delicately covered even the smallest of branchlets.  The lighting was dim because of fairly heavy ground fog, so the photos look more gray than white, but you get the idea.





Ah, one bright spot in this black and white world…a cardinal feasting on buckthorn berries.  He’s performing a great service for this weedy invasive, spreading the buckthorn seeds throughout the woodland.

cardinal eating buckthorn berries

What a difference the season makes…I posted a photo from this trail last May when it looked like this.  New snow is nice, but I like green better.  Hurry up, spring!


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