the year that was (2012)

WordPress gives each blogger some year-end statistics.  Being a statistics-oriented person, I find these numbers interesting.

  • Over 20,000 views this calendar year from 122 countries (the internet is truly amazing for connecting people all over the world)
  • Busiest day: 12/12/12 with 183 views
  • Post most people commented on:  “my trophy buck
  • Most frequent commenter:  Marcia (thanks, Marica!)

But blogging is not just about connecting; for me it’s about learning as well.  This past summer the backyard introduced me to bees and wasps, dragonflies, and butterflies — insects I have never paid any attention to in the past but marveled at as I discovered them.  I learned that you need to walk slowly, even standing in one spot for many minutes in order to appreciate what is going on.  Sometimes nature comes to you, rather than you going out to look for it.  And lastly, through the photo captures of the many bloggers whose efforts I follow on a mostly daily basis, I have learned many fun and interesting new techniques.  So thanks, fellow bloggers for serving as online teachers.


red squirrel

5 thoughts on “the year that was (2012)

  1. Congratulations on producing such a popular and interesting blog, Sue. I am impressed with all your numbers. (Getting those year-end statistics was fun, wasn’t it?) I know I always enjoy stopping by here and wish I had more time to spend reading every single post. As for all my comments, it’s hard to resist when you post such beautiful pictures and such interesting subject matter. Here’s to an even better 2013! I know you will break all your own records!
    Happy New Year!

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