Winter on the marsh

We had a few hours of sun yesterday, so I took a hike in a local marsh.  It was a silent walk, no birds, no squirrels, no deer, nothing moving on a relatively warm-ish (20 F) day.  But the sunlight brought out some unusual colors in the landscape.

Snail Lake marsh in winter

Snail Lake marsh in winter

This would be a great place to ice skate, but it is not uniformly frozen.  At least the muck below the ice in the marsh is not frozen yet.  I found this out when I tried to walk out to what I thought was a muskrat house, and sank into the muck up to mid-calf at the shoreline.  Stinky stuff!

There is an osprey nest on the tip of one peninsula that sticks out into the marsh. The birds have bred here for at least the last three years.

osprey tower at snail lake marsh

They have a pretty nice view of the marsh from here.

snail lake marsh in winter

It’s snowing again today.  Good thing I got out yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Winter on the marsh

  1. Your marsh is a beautiful place, Sue, though it is obviously not as full of life at the moment as the one that I visit that is still pretty populated with ducks, geese, and a surprising variety of birds. Perhaps when it gets colder (we’re still in the 50’s during some of the days), things will change.

    • Wow, 50 F would be a heat wave here right now. We are expecting the big chill for New Year’s–near 0 F. I would rather be walking around your marsh!

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