Dramatic light

Perhaps one of the most inspirational scenes to capture on film (or digital media) is the light on land or sea at the beginning and end of the day.  As light travels a longer oblique path through the denser atmosphere close to the horizon, more of the short blue and green wavelengths are scattered leaving just longer red and orange wavelengths to travel toward our eyes.  Throw in a few clouds to further refract light and you get a dramatic scene like those below.  I was inspired by fellow bloggers (who have recently posted on this same topic) to look through sunsets/sunrises I’ve photographed from around the world.

Mediterranean sunrise in Turkey

Sunrise from our sailboat on the southern coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean (most recent trip).

Sunrise in Capetown, South Africa

Sunrise over Capetown, South Africa.  We were on a ship going around the world with Semester at Sea.

Sunset, Kismet hotel, Kusadasi

Sunset at Kusadasi, Turkey, on the Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean.

Siem Reap sunset

Sunset view from one of the temples near Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Sierra sunset

Nothing is more beautiful than one of these sunsets from our campsite in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

4 thoughts on “Dramatic light

  1. There are few things that almost universally take your breath away–sunsets make that short list. These shots are stunning, Sue. Each is unique and each comes with a story (you are quite the world traveler, it seems).

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