Bathtime for birdies

The birdbath has usually been frozen in the mornings lately, but today the water was ice-free and apparently appealing to a few of the morning avian visitors.  I missed the Bluejay bath (probably scared him with my big lens pointing through the window), but captured all of the cardinal bath time. (sorry, but photos taken through a dirty window are not very sharp!)

Birds seem to be quite fastidious about getting every part of their anatomy bathed.  They dunk their head, chest, belly, and tail in that sequence, at least a couple of times, fluttering the wings to make sure that water reaches the top side as well as the bottom.

Ah, that’s better!

6 thoughts on “Bathtime for birdies

  1. Lovely pictures, as always, Sue…dirty window or not. Bathing birds are so much fun to watch, and I’ve noticed they often have varying techniques. I used to watch a tiny parula warbler who would literally jump into the deep part of my birdbath, completely disappearing underwater, and then popping straight back up to land on the edge again. Total immersion, every time. You would think bathing in ice cold water would be miserable, but I understand it’s a matter of life and death to keep those feathers clean and groomed. Not only is flying difficult when feathers get dirty, but they lose their insulating properties, as well, so I reckon your cardinal knows it’s going to get colder before it gets warmer. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve been watching. Yours is the first blog I check every day. Thanks for such great posts and photos.

    • Wow, I am honored to be the first blog you check each day! I don’t have a heating coil on my bird bath and take it down in December. I wonder if birds take snow baths in the winter here?

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