The biota of Antalya province

We did see a variety of fauna and flora in our treks among the ruins of southern Turkey, but without appropriate field guides, I don’t know exactly what we were seeing.

An assortment of invertebrates…some bright, beautiful, and strange.





Some reptiles in unexpected places, sunning among the ruins…




Birds were shy and hid in the bushes. This jay came down out of his tree to get a drink; it’s hardly a photogenic shot, but I’ll take what I can get.


Goats were as common on the coastline shore as the cats were in the ruins at Ephesus and in Turkish cities. They have eaten whatever is edible and left a highly overgrazed landscape in many places. What I learned from watching their early morning activities is that goats can survive by drinking seawater.


Lastly, a look at the chaparral vegetation of this region.


3 thoughts on “The biota of Antalya province

  1. Goats drinking sea water?!?! That sounds like a topic you would have covered on an Anatomy/Physiology final. 😉 I remember there was a similar question on my exam concerning a freshwater frog that lives in estuaries and eats salty sea crabs. These goats must have some impressive kidneys!

  2. Wow, Adam–I am impressed that you remember that stuff. Yes, I would guess that goats can concentrate their urine more than other ruminants can, if they are really using the seawater as a water source. I don’t think that info has made into the physiology texts yet.

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