Fall harvest in Izmir Province

We flew from Istanbul to Izmir in the southwestern coast of Turkey, and then drove further south to Kusadasi (pronounced cu-sha’-da-see), stopping along the way to visit a small farming village. Agricultural products of all sorts are produced here: peaches, apricots, quince, plums, a multitude of vegetables, and of course olives. Orchards are irrigated from streams run-off of local mountains or from wells, and the landscape could easily be mistaken for many places in California.

A woman making flatbread stuffed with chopped spinach, lettuce, onion, and cheese. It was delicious.


The fall harvest of fruits and vegetables were for sale at a roadside stand. We stopped to learn about olive production.



One grape vine with a trunk about 1 foot across supplied all the foliage that covered over the entire patio area, and the clusters of grapes hung down where they could easily be harvested.


Quince fruit was just ripening. We saw these trees in mixed orchards, as well as in the backyard.


We ended the day sipping drinks on the terrace of our hotel in Kusadasi overlooking the Aegean Sea. Idyllic!



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