The Bosphorus and beyond

We cruised up and down the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn (an inlet of the Bosphorus that runs through the European side of Istanbul), explored the interior of a couple of mosques, smelled the aromas of the spice market while oogling the mountains of items for sale there, and dined on some fine, authentic Turkish foods. There was precious little biology to be seen in the backyard today, unless you count the thousands of pigeons that roost on the ,osques and a few cormorants and gulls fishing in the Bosphorus. But here are a few scenes from today’s adventures.

Sights along the Bosphorus



Exterior and Interior views of Hagia Sofia (Holy Knowledge), for hundreds of years the largest man-made structure after the Pyramids and Great Wall of China. Built after the capital of the Roman Empire moved to Constantinople, Hagia Sofia served as a Christian church for about 900 years and then as a mosque for almost 500 years. Today, it is a museum.



The spice market was not quite as crowded as the buses and metro in Rome, and the assortment of goods for sale was amazing. These are the commonly used cooking spices. I didn’t see salt and pepper among them.


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