The Roman Walk

Today we hiked from the northeastern corner of the city to the southwestern-most suburb of Trastevere, a hike of many miles over about 12 hours. Our first goal was to find and admire the fountains, sculptures, and architecture of Bernini scattered throughout the city. Some relatively plain looking churches from the exterior housed some of the most ornate interiors and provided a little rest for the weary feet while we enjoyed the art.


We zig-zagged through the winding city streets until we got to the Roman Forum, where we took the Rick Steves audio tour through the ruins trying to visualize what it must have been like in the glory days of the Empire.


Then it was on to the Colosseum next door, and another audio tour of this fantastic architectural marvel. Those Romans were some smart builders, not only inventing the keystone concept to support an arch, but cement as a construction material.


And lastly, we hiked around the Circus Maximus (remember the Chariot race in Ben Hur?) and over a bridge over the Tiber River to the arty, chic neighborhood of Trastervere for some well-earned dinner.


And yes, as the photo show, it did rain quite hard, which was another incentive to take a pasta break indoors.

The backyard of the Tiber hosted a few gulls and some egrets fishing for their dinner along the edge of the river.


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