The four-mile museum

Four miles of exhibits to get to the Sistine Chapel — that’s kind of how I viewed our visit to the Vatican Museum today. This immense national treasure houses the collections acquired by each Pope, and is far more interesting than I ever thought it would be. For example, there is a huge, long room devoted just to paintings of the geographic features of the 40 regions of 1580s Italy. You wouldn’t believe the detail! But check it out here.

Nothing here was a disappointment really, except the pizza at lunch. We actually got to sit down and rest our weary backs and feet in the Sistene Chapel while listening to Rick Steves’ audio tour on the iPod. Fascinating, impressive, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe it. You can’t take photos in there, so here is one you might not be familiar with from Adam’s backyard in his Eden Garden, an important event in his life — the creation of Eve.


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