New blogging techniques

In a few days we are leaving on a trip to Rome and then Turkey for three weeks.  I have decided to use the iPad as my blogging computer, and had to find some software to process photos.  The WordPress app for the iPad is not bad — a little confusing at first to understand how to edit and insert photos, but I made it work.  I found an app for $2.99 called Photogene that works almost as well as Photoshop Elements, and far, far better than the free Photoshop Express app.  So, if you are thinking of using an iPad for blogging, there are good substitutes available.

Comparison photos illustrate the differences between the iPad-Photogene processed (first photo) and the PC-Photoshop processed products (second photo).

Obviously I need to learn a little more about Photogene, but it has many of the same adjustment features that Photoshop does.  This is a very sad looking bird, with any photo processing software.

8 thoughts on “New blogging techniques

  1. I will be very interested to see how this goes for you. I am tempted greatly to get an iPad and it really would be great to be able to use it for blogging. And, I love the photo of the bird. I am not one of the photographers who feels that you should photograph only perfect specimens (which is what one of them said in a video I watched on photographing butteflies).

    • And I agree with the philosophy of capturing the natural state of things, because often that’s where the best stories, examples, etc. are.

  2. Your way ahead of me on photo processing. The photographs look as if they were taken on different cameras. I did not realise that there would be that much difference depending on what software you use.

    • I love Photoshop; it makes even my bad photos look decent. However, I did the fall color photos a couple of posts back on the iPad and using Photogene, and they are OK.

  3. I just came back from 3 weeks in Germany. I had planned on blogging, reading, and posting but never seemed to find the time. 2nd full day back in the states and I’m up before the sun (jet-lag) and catching up on WP. Enjoy yourself and spend your time well.

    • I know we will be on the move a lot of the time, but hope to capture the essence of each day with a short post. Not looking forward to the time change though; adjusting to it gets worse the older I get.

  4. I took my iPad instead of my laptop for our two weeks in Panama last Spring and I was so disappointed. I wished I had taken my laptop (which I’ll be doing when we go to Ecuador in 2013). I had the keyboard from Brookstone and found that it couldn’t keep up with my rapid typing, so I eventually went back to using the iPad’s screen keyboard. It was, indeed, a little different, but by the 5th day I finally got the hang of it. You’re probably well on your way on your trip by now. Safe travels and I look forward to your blog posts and photos!

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